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Monday, November 21, 2011

Make Your Ex Regret Cheating on You

When your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend cheated on you and left you for another woman, you may not want him back but you would certainly want him to regret what he did. Call it a need to get even or the need to prove your worth, but it definitely feels good to see him acknowledging his mistake and wanting you back. Before you get to enjoy the chase after undergoing so much pain, you will need to take a hard look on yourself and see what you can do to make yourself feel and look better.

Let's face it, a cheated wife with zero confidence has nothing much to look forward to especially if she allows herself to deteriorate in looks and outlook in life. The single life-changing decision a cheated woman can do is to take better care of herself. You may feel ugly and spent after the betrayal but that doesn't mean you are. In order for other people to see the good in you and how attractive you really are, you must allow yourself to come out of the shadow of depression and loneliness.

Confidence naturally comes from knowing that you feel and look good inside and out. Do not underestimate the power of a sensible makeover to give you just the right nudge towards the right direction. Pursue your interrupted ambitions and interests prior to getting married or find new ones more applicable to your present state. Indulge in things that make you happy in the constructive sense since happiness of the destructive nature are fleeting and counterproductive.

Your ex will regret cheating on you when he sees the new you. He might even wonder what made him stray in the first place. You just have to remember that you have a choice whether to take him back or not if he again shows interest in you. Never again forget however that the new you need not be relegated to the background ever again.


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